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Attempting to draw in a CC1 value of 127 right on a region (MIDI Draw, formerly Hyper Draw), it's only possible to get a maximum value of 126. This "can't get to 127" bug that plagued Logic 9, though it was never a problem in Logic 8 and previous.


Even when zooming WAAAAAAAY in to try to get more resolution on the screen, it's still not possible to drag either value of 126 up to 127. Furthermore, if both values are 126 (as confirmed in the Event List), why does the line connecting them appear diagonal? Ergo, two bugs in one.



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Real world difference (i.e. necessity) between 126 and 127? Absolutely. :)


Most if not all button/switch controls output either 0 or 127 (so-called "Switch Controllers"). Logic doesn't distinguish between the paradigms of Switch Controller or Continuous Controller when using MIDI Draw, so regardless of which CC you're drawing in data for, the value must go up to 127 without question.

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