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Using sounds from Yamaha DGX 620 Piano in Logic


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Not as MIDI because MIDI is not audio, it's just musical peformance data (for example a MIDI message might say "the note D3 was just pressed with a velocity of 96" - that MIDI message has to be routed to an instrument in order for the instrument to generate sound).


What people typically do in your case is hook up the keyboard to Logic both via MIDI and audio connections so that they can use it as a MIDI controller to record the MIDI performance in Logic, then route that MIDI data back to the synth engine of the keyboard in order for it to generate sound, then route the audio outs of the keyboard to an audio track in Logic in order to monitor and/or record the sound onto an audio track.


If you need further instructions, let us know if that's what you'd like to do, and what kind of MIDI/audio interfaces you have available (if any)?

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Back in the day I used Redmatica's Autosampler to capture the custom sound banks of my midi hardware as EXS instruments.


Curiously Apple bought Redmatica, and their products are no longer available.


I did see an article that stated that Robo Sampler was being ported to Mac.

It will be able to create sample instruments from midi instruments.


Hopefully we'll see some of Redmatica's influence in future EXS versions.

Drum kit Designer...could be the first signs.



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