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Roland A-PRO Keyboard with Logic! HELP!!!


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Someone please help me figure this out. I have the A800-PRO and have installed the latest drivers, control surface plugin & A-PRO editor. So here are my doubts:


1) What is this ACT mode and should I be bothered considering I don't use Sonar?

2) Can someone here please give me a step by step method to assign just one thing and I can figure out the rest. e.g. say I want fader 1 to be my mod wheel. I just need quick instructions on what I would need to do in a-pro editor and then what I would do in Logic Pro X to set this up?

3) What does this control surface plugin do? Do I need to use it or can I just ignore it?




I loaded up ctrl map 8 (Logic INITIALIZE) and hit B1 2 3 consecutively and the control surface setup window popped up in Logic and it now shows an additional control surface called 'Logic Control', in addition to the existing 'A-PRO' one. Now if switch to say ctrl map 7 (Logic GLOBAL) by transport controls (partially) work, the faders work but the pan knobs do some weird s#!+. Say I have the knob all the way to the left and the pan is at -64, now as I turn the knob to the right the track pan should move along with it right? but no, it stays put at -64 till I reach the have way point and then slowly starts increasing from -64 as I move the knob passed the half way point. No it get's even weirder. The rate at which the track pan increases seems to be exponentially proportional to how far right the knob has been turned. So say I turn the knob to 3 o clock, then the track pan increases at a steady pace, as if it were automated, until it reaches +37 (Logic Pan value). I'm having to load crtl map 8 and initialize every time I open my daw to get 'Logic Control' to appear in control surfaces. Why is this?

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ACT... I suppose it's a Roland thing? Doesn't the Roland manual explain what it is? To me ACT means Apple Certified Trainer... :lol:


Can someone here please give me a step by step method to assign just one thing

Here you go: Quick Guide to using a MIDI controller with Logic


Installing a controller as a control surface in Logic means you're using a collection of pre-made assignments designed by the manufacturer of the controller, so you don't have to map everything yourself by hand.

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