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Is it possible to open up a LPX session in LP9?


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No, there's no backwards compatability. I believe it's always been like that with Logic, and with most if not all other DAWs.


I think your best best is to create MIDI files and to reimport those and the audio files into a new LP 9 project - OR to toil through the glitches and finish it in LP X anyway.

It really depends on what kind of data your project already has, and how easy (or not) that can be transferred over to audio and midifiles, so LP9 can use it. Plugin presets should be backwards compatible (they haven't really changed from 9 to 10), so those you can save and use in LP9, I believe. If you have any (Track Based) automation, you can convert that to region based (= MIDI) so it gets incorporated in MIDI files.

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