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Logic X Audio Moved when using "Join" or "Flatten & Merge"


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Hi everybody,

I can't explain to myself what happens here with Logic X.


1) I record some audio on track 1. first verse of the song.

2) I record some other audio on track 1. Second verse of the song.

3) When I try to merge the regions to a single file with "JOIN" or "JOIN REGIONS" the audio is moved a little more forward.


You can see It in my attachment.


The Same thing happen when I try to comping multiple takes.



1) I record first verse on track 1, take #1.

2) I record first verse on track 1, take #2.

3) I record first verse on track 1, take #3.


I select the right parts of regions and when i select "Flatten & Merge" or "Flatten" the same thing happens.

The Audio file created is moved a little more forward loosing the Sync.


Why This Happens? Anyone could Help Me Please?



A screenshot of the file moved

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Same issue here.
Flex is off, recording is fine (there is no delay) but once I glue, join or bounce in place or merge different regions they are moved slightly to the closest measure. 

Please let me know if there is a way to resolve this. Thanks. 

Even if I am using SMPTE lock and then merge/glue/join the region is still being moved slightly. 


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