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Markers vs Arrangement Markers: when to use which?


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Logic Pro X includes bot Markers and Arrangement Markers. Markers are most flexible in that they have a start and length and can be edited in the List Editor. Laying out the arrangement of a song is simplified because you can just use the List Editor to create each song section and its length without having to us a calculator or add in your head.


But Arrangement Markers allow you to easily move, or copy specific parts of a song to arrange the song. This is a nice way to record using sections where each section is recorded by itself and then positioned in various places in the song.


But arrangement markers don't appear in the List Editor (do they?) and there's no way to set their position and length as you can with markers. One workaround And Markers use a folder-like icon that makes it easier to see where the section starts and stops without having to set the colors.


Not sure why these two capabilities weren't merged into a single facility.


What's the best practice for using markers vs. arrangement markers? Lay the song out with markers and just create arrangements corresponding to marker segments when the arrangement marker needs to be moved or copied?


I noticed the Logic Pro X demo song doesn't have any arrangement markers created.

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I found a way to use arrangement regions with markers effectively:


1. Create the arrangement markers, by dragging the right edge to see the region length in measures

2. Add a Drummer track (Pick the Drum Kit, Style and Drummer)

3. Right click in the empty Drummer track and choose "Populate with drum regions". This creates drum regions for all the complete arrangement, using the arrangement name to influence the generated drum regions

4. Check the arrangement, adjusting the arrangement markers as needed, and deleting and regenerating the Drummer track if necessary (the Drummer track automatically regenerates the region if the arrangement is changed).

5. Show the Marker global track

6. With the Drummer track selected, click on the word Marker in the Marker global track and select "Generate markers from regions"

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I just discovered another feature. You can create an arrangement marker (or section might be a better word) by selecting a marker and then CMD-Drag the marker to the arrangement marker global view. This allows you to easily create the arrangement with the marker list view, then create arrangement markers for sections that need to be copied or moved in the song.
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