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Automation Indicator "LED"

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An idea inspired by Ableton Live:


- Logic should indicate any automated parameters (and tracks) with a red dot. In Live, this red marker appears on the actual automated controls, and on the automation parameter names in the drop-down menus.


- Live also indicates when you have temporarily manually changed an automated parameter. One can reset to reading automation for the entire project with the "Re-Enable Automation" button.


From the manual "In practice, you will often want to try out new control moves without overwriting existing automation data in the Arrangement. Well, nothing is forever in the world of infinite Undo (see 10.4.1), but it’s easy to disable a control’s automation temporarily to avoid overwriting existing data: If you change an automated control’s value while not recording, the automation LED goes off to indicate the control’s automation is inactive. Any automation is therefore overridden by the current manual setting. When one or more of the automated controls in your Live Set are not active, the Control Bar’s Re-Enable Automation button lights up."


The button is not as important as the indicators, though, as one can of course disable/re-enable reading of automation on a per-track basis in Logic. The indicators would be very useful to know what is already automated before changing a parameter.



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