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Apple announces Final Cut Studio 2 and Soundtrack Pro 2

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man oh man...see the SLIP tool functions???? The ADR/Take compiler?? Surround sound to 2mix downconversion?? The way it handles crossfades?????? AutoConform back to FCP???? They've got this right.


It's nowhere near a ProTools killer, but it's VERY smart for doing what Video editors need. (Espcially with OMF/AAF import-export now).


good lord. If Logic 8 doesn't do this stuff.....

It's going to be VERY interesting to see what LOGIC does to differentiate itself. Is it going to steer AWAY from the 'post' aspects and more towards the music compisition, or will it incorporate these 'post tools' functions that STP2 now has????


I'll bite the bullet for the upgrade as well.

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ADR..also known a voice-over looping,. For example an actor delivers a great perfomance, but there's a background noise, or a line gets lost.


The actor goes into the studio and the software 'loops' the line over and over, and the actor gets a 'clean' take of the line.


Once you do them long enough, it's really easy to spot them in a movie. My wife hates me for that :)

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