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Logic sync to PC/Acid Pro?


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Have got a Dual 2.3Ghz G5 with 4GB Ram and a MOTU 828mk2 soundcard/Midi attached, running Logic 7.


Also have a PC with Acid Pro 6 and a midi/audio interface.


What I want to do (and have done so far!) is sync Acid Pro 6 (HAS to be the Midi master apparently ) to Logic 7 so that Logic follows every cursor move.


I have Midi Out from Acid/PC into Logic/828mk2 fine, and have set Acid Pro to send Midi Clock to Logic.


Set Logic as slave and it follows nicely so far, BUT i would love to get Logic to sync and follow EVERY cursor move i make on Acid Pro - In acid you can use keys to move cursor by tiny amounts between movie frames, and would love logic to follow - but every time i stop Logic, it returns to zero? - is there anyway to turn this off?


Also is Midi clock the best solution for this? I find that it is better than MTC as it seems more solid and locks better?


Is Logic Ok being a slave?


I find with Acid Pro that I can step through tiny increments with the cursor easier in frames/video and if Logic was slaving I could place markers in logic at exact hitpoints to correspond as i can't seem to find the same thing in logic with moving the cursor manually by tiny amounts? ie: side arrow keys..?



Anyone got any tips on midi clock sync or MTC and Logic?


Hope my post makes some sense?!

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