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a point to learn


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in a bit of a fix....should i or shouldn't i?????


i'm quite new to logic pro...i have only dabbled in logic 5 on pc a few years ago and up until january of this year, have been mostly working with cubase(pc)


i am managing to record a lot of stuff...mainly midi with soft synths, but have a lot of guitar compositions that i need to get outta my head and onto my hard drive


the thing is that these compositions are very important to me and i've just invested in this beautiful macbook and software to accomplish the task and do justice to the recordings


the problem is that my workflow is all over the place...i am just kind of bluffing my way through but i lack the basic grounding in the software so i know i'm missing out on a lot of chops to streamline my whole experience...i haven't even started with audio yet and i have approximately 30 guitar compositions to track


now i'm quite prepared to throw myself right into the process of learning the software...and today i even considered buying those stickers for the qwerty keys to make the shortcuts easier...i also thought to get the macprovideos to guide me through...and this is where i hesitate


all of this speculation of logic 8 has got me wondering (something will happen eventually)...is it worth splashing out the money for the videos etc...and putting such a mammoth effort into learning how to use a program whose ways may soon be extinct


any thoughts???


cheers guys

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i understand...it seems to make sense to keep it similar so as to not alienate their huge user base....but it happens....true progress can't be made without tearing some s#!+ up


many people are pointing out that it just doesn't fall into the style( not only visual) of other applications from the apple stable, and for it to become more user- friendly would ultimately lead to major changes


maybe they would lose a lot of die- hards along with the environment ( were it to go), but they may gain fresh blood, attracted by a new gui and a more intuitive user interface...garageband is popular but it just seems like such a huge jump...i could understand apple wanting to minimize the gap....


the bundled instruments and effects will still remain a huge selling point and i doubt they'll change, although the newer instruments (sculpture and ultrabeat) have a much more inviting layout and gui than others...i've heard a lot of praise for the exs24, but to me it looks cold,uninviting and complicated...i know looks aren't everything but it does help....sculpture invites tweaking and due to it's layout i'm enjoying sound design for the first time ever.....

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a new replacement for Exs 24 wouldn't affect the rest of the Logic style,though,would it?

If they drastically change Logic itself then I for one would probably think twice about upgrading.

I'm changing to Mac even thoughj I can't really afford it at the mo purely because of Logic.


It's way the best software for musicians.


If they manage to change it drastically and improve everything without introducing a new gigantic learning curve then maybe.


But that would be as likely as something highly unlikely.


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i agree with you which is why i've recently changed to the mac/logic killer combo


however i'm finding that to make progress i'm having to be less of a musician and more of a tech student and for me the ideal user interface is as transparnt as possible allowing me to just...make music


just one example..this environment thing....


i want to assign battery 3 hits to different outs....in logic this isn't the simplest of things...it is possible, but only when you start understanding the environment....however in cubase...just instantiate and the mixer automatically creates the multi instrument template in the mixer...easy


i think logic should retain it's depths...from what i understand the environment provides amazing flexibility and creative permutations but i think the interface needs to multi-tiered


i.e keep the main runnings simple and flexible but keeping depths for the advanced users to explore


if you've just also changed over, we must be in the same boat learning-wise


what daw did you use before??? and what are you using to learn logic (tutorials etc...)

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To see if you like learning Logic with Videos try these:


(free Vids from Hens Zimmerman)

There's 14 episodes so far.



good stuff here.


I started with Logic 5. It became abundantly clear right away that this was/is a very powerful instrument. How to access that power? How to put it into "play"? Apple's influence has been to help me gain access to that power without undermining the power itself. I think we will see a continuation of that trend... possibly even the Environment. (I have been saving a thorough study of the Environment for Logic8)

I hear what you are saying about sometimes being a tech student instead of a Musician. Buried in that knowledge though is the realization that I can "Speak the Language" and communicate with designer, developer, engineer, techies in production and live situations. I am in the "Game". I feel like I am on the same page with others.

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cheers man


thanks for the links....have been linked to seattle group before and am just working through them


they are so well presented..i hope they continue in the sam vain


the first seattle vid where the guy shows his autoload is the perfect example of what i mean though..the environment stuff...just looks so confusing...i'll continue to watch now and see if he makes things clearer on the following episodes


thanks also for the other site....have bookmarked and will start working through


but back to my original post...i just hope i'm wasting time


if anyone has other links to video tutorials, they would be greatly appreciated



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I found the macprovideo.com downloadable videos to be a great help, especially Mastering Logic 101 and The Environment ones. I normally just read manuals to learn new gear, but figured i try the video route too and I'm glad I did.
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that was my initial idea and the reason for my initial post


it is quite a financial outlay if the mode of working is to soon become outdated


i know i don't have to change if a new version comes out, but i've only just bought my setup at some expense...if a new version exceeds all of our expectaions to become a musicians dream, my new wonder studio will start to feel yesterdays technology, way too soon....knowing me i will have to upgrade...this may not have been the case if i had been a user for years with all the tricks already under my belt


anyway i'm just rambling...i've pretty much decided to learn with what i have...continue adding new chops to my workflow as and when i need to, without spending more money on tutorials. i may, however, be tempted to get the sculpture and ultrabeat tutorials as i figure that these will stay whatever happens and i know there is great s#!+ to be had in these au's


i'm a late adopter of logic7, but aside from waiting for bugs to become known, i may becom an early leopard/new logic adopter

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Surely IF a logic 8 is in the coming, it will be held back until the release of leopard.

I know all my software will be useless, as will my puta.

And i aint gonna fork out shitloads of money to have the latest gear!!

What i have now gets my music out.

Unlike most men, i am happy with what i have got!!!

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.continue adding new chops to my workflow as and when i need to,


You'll be fine




i haven't even started with audio yet and i have approximately 30 guitar compositions to track



Your Guitar, Audio Interface, and Audio/Midi set-up progarm. Then ask specific questions on this Site. You'll get good advice.

It's easy to stay productive till Logic8 gets here.

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