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project and hard-drive workflow ???


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need some advice on how to use my drives for my projects to achieve the best performance


i have a macbook pro with a 7200 internal drive and lacie fw800 external drive


i've always heard it recommended to use the external drive for audio


so... do i start a project on internal and set audio path to the lacie ????


however i've also heard that on starting a new choon, the first thing you should do is save it as a project (which contains an audio folder)...does this folder contain the audio files on the internal drive (which would negate any point in the external drive) or does it still just reference the audio files on the lacie....


does that make any sense ????


i have also heard that you should start the complete project on the external drive, save as a project (wihout including samples etc in the options) because the small project file remains small and with the audio but references the softsynths/effects from the internal ???? wtf??


as you can tell.. i'm properly confused




can anyobody help ???


thanks in advance

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of course you can do projects on your internal drive....but keep in mind, your system needs this drive all the time while you work, so of course it´s better to scrub on your external...

you can trust your project manager but you don´t have to...


when you start a new song, create a folder with the project name, in there you put another folder called "project name audio", in your session you set the record path to this folder...

so everything you gonna record in this session will end up here...


save the logic session document into that "project name folder"...everytime you finished a step, save it with a new version number..project name 0.1, project name 0.2, 0.9, 1.3, etc...so you´re able to switch back to any point of your production progress at any time...don´t worry, these document saves cost you nothing on your drive...


freeze files will always find there way to their belonging document save place by their own...

if you freeze, you will find a freeze folder right next to that "project name audio" folder...


if you produce any samples especially for this track...create annother folder in your project name folder named "project name samples" and save them all here...

samples in use of any lib´s stay where the came from...


last folder you need in this "project name folder" is "project name bounces"....

if you bounce anything, bounce it in here....


now you can be sure, you´re whole project is in this folder....on that drive you choosed...

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thanks for the reply


but i'm being a dumbass...just to clarify


i will start and store the complete project on the lacie as all the bounces, freezes, samples and audio tracks are all, in fact, audio of some sort...


this leaves my macbook to run the programs and softsynth presests being referenced by the project on the second drive


that would make a lot of sense...please tell me i got it right :roll:

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just one more thing


all of my projects start with working titles


if all of the folders are neatly stored (as above), how would i go about changing the project name so that all of these different folders (and the files within) follow suit ????

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The project folder should contain everything the song needs: the song file (and all backup song files) and all the media used by it (audio, movie, samples, sampler instruments, impulse responses, bounces, freezes, fades...). You shouldn't have to place any of those files manually, you shouldn't have to create any of those folders manually. Logic will take care of everything for you.


When you open a song, your machine loads it into RAM. It doesn't make any difference where the song file is located, since you actually work with the RAM copy, not the file on the hard drive. When you save your song, you're copying back to your hard drive.


Your application (Logic Pro) is necessarily on your system drive. You don't have a choice: you can't run an application unless it is installed on your system drive. Again the app is loaded in RAM upon launching, so it won't affect the drive performance except while launching.

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new choon, then......load autoload.iso


so...when i open my autoload, i save as a project...


this gives me my .iso and an empty audio folder


i understand that i have to set audio path to this folder...


am i to understand then that new folders will be created in the project folder only when needed ie. when i bounce, a 'bounce' sub-folder will appear...when i freeze, a freeze folder will appear et cetera....

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