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Guitar problem


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I hate to use this forum for this purpose, but people can be quite knowledgeable here and I am can't find any literature on the subject online.


Why might I be getting a distorted guitar tone from the line out of my amp? My gain is fine on both the guitar and amp. I am recording at perfect levels. WTF?


I've tried both instrument & line cables running out of the amp. Doesn't work.


Running it through Guitar Amp Pro makes it sound BETTER, but I want it to sound f*&^ing awesome.


Any ideas. Anybody had a similar problem?

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I'm using a Gibson Les Paul Special HB with active pickups. I'm running out of a Marshall MG15 practice amp.


Its not the amp, because I ran into this problem running a cord out of a Twin Reverb last week.


Any ideas.


Levels are OK on all fronts. Essentially, no knobs are turned too high.

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Line outs on amps are always dicey, unless it's specifically set up for direct recording ( PAD, XLR, 1/4 OUT, Trim). Even then the only good recording outs I've heard are on LINE 6 amps.


Personally you'd be better off spending $200 on the UX2, it sounds as close to real as you can get, if you can't swing 2 bills for the UX2 get an older POD 2.0 on craigslist or ebay. No one as ever figured out I don't run real amps and I am a tone snob.


If you're dead set on using your set-up I bet it's a PAD (Input) issue with the active pickups, those active pickup and a crappy DI on your amp would thrash inputs.



Mic it or buy a LINE 6 product bro, you won't be disapointed.


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Man, why can't I find a way to record two great sounding guitar tracks at the same time?


I bought a Whirlwind A/B not too long ago, but returned it because it was introducing noise into the path.


I've tried a couple of amps with line outs and obviously that didn't work.


Has anybody successfully found a way to record one mic signal (with air and natural roominess) and one dry signal (like a DI) at the same time?


If so, what is the secret?

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