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i only have 4 audio tracks available how can i change that s


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ever since my hard drive crashed and i had to reinstall logic nothing seems to be working properly.

When i click on my audio track after creating a new track to assign it "audio 1" or "audio2" it will only let me choose 4 audio tracks. i can choose up to 32 instrument tracks and if I crate a new file i have the option of 32 audio tracks (which is what i selected in the set up) but on this particular new file that i have already done a ton of work on , now that its time to insert more audio tracks to record vocals, i canT! i am sure there has to be some setting i am missing to enable the rest of my audio tracks? its so wierd because its already enabled on other songs or new songs that i create

any suggestions how to get my audio tracks to be able to be named from 5 on so that i can keep recording audio?




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yes! i have 32 tracks enabled there! thats what i am saying it is soooo odd.

if i open a new project, it will allow me 32 audio tracks, butnot on this current project. any other things i can try????!!!



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OMG! track>create multiple TOTALLY WORKED. thank you so much. at least now i can finish up vocals.


I think i need to buy the logic upgrade because all of these bugs are making me nuts!


thank you again sooo much!



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