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Error code 195


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Hi all,


Been loking round the forum and as a new user to Logic I have found it extremely useful. I was wonering if someone could help me please. I am lookking to remix a track a friend has sent me. He has sent it in omf format and I believe he uses Cubase. I have Logic 7.2. When I import from Logic and pick up the OMF file it runs through the file for most of it then comes up with the following message "OMF error has occurred Error code 195, description: OMFI_ERR failed a semantic check on an output data. When it prompts me to cancel a 'progress' box comes up and runs through all the parts of the tracks for a couple of minutes and then just finishes. I can see the 'parts' of the song in the folder I have specified in Logic for it to be saved but they are graded out hence not allowing me to accept. In addition to this I also 'right' clicked the OMF icon which is on my desktop and opened with Logic and this way round I got a message telling me that the omf file can't be opened or imported as a song file. Logic knows this file type, but can't open as a song file.


Can anyone let me know what I am doing wrong or is the file possibly corrupt?


Many thanks

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