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Is there a Frequency analyzer in pro X?

Hardwired Flaws

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Thank you guys. Both posts are helpful. The plugin eq linked by shiver is the closest thing I might need. Being able to hover of the spectrum and see the exact frequency is what I'm after. Actually I'd like to be able to hit a note and know the exact frequency in a hz read out.


Say I'm in a 12T5 ( 12 true fifths)tuning and after certain frequencies and the over tones.just one example.

Kinda more for frequency training rather than just knowing the notes. An A note is an A note at many different frequencies.You can learn A all day long and know the fret board upside down. Why not know the exact frequencies also?


Thank you for your help.


" What is the frequency Kennith"


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I have adapted your settings (second checkbox was checked and the third wasn't)

But my settings window still looks a bit different from yours. I added a screenshot.


R and/or I is enabled; I get an input signal, but can't get the equalizer to analyze/display the incoming frequencies, unless I playback a track/clip. Here is a little screencast to illustrate what I am looking for.






my settings now

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I already (and just again) tried all combinations of I+R on the track itself. 

The EQ on this channel just doesn't give a crap about it when I wanna analyze the input while I test / play.


Maybe there is a big misunderstanding here and what I am trying to do is impossible? If you guys have the time a little screencast like mine might help to clarify things?

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Yeah I did, switch on and off so many times :(

Even changed between "pre" and "post" .. the little button-in-the-button there.

I am getting more and more a feeling of "analyzing without a moving playhead is not possible" – please raise my hopes again! 


Getting this to work would really enables me to shape my tone. :'(

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Ok let's try something different just as a test:

Add some kind of plugin that will totally alter the sound of your guitar like a distortion, phaser, delay. Play the guitar (without playing the project) and see if you can hear the effected guitar. I just want to make sure that the input is being affected by the plugin and that you can hear the effect. Let's go from there first

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I don't know why, but yesterday night it worked in combination with my Line6 Helix (guitar processor which I also use as some sort auf external-soundcard)

But now only with my built-in mic from the MacBook the same issue as before. 


Maybe it had to do with the delay I added (as suggested) or maybe the checkboxes only took effect after multiple restarts (? :D)


– I'll get back to you this evening.

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