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integrated sound editor (like Soundtrack Pro)


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I would love to see something like Soundtrack Pro (now that it is discontinued) integrated into the audio editor of Logic Pro X. I would love to have the ability to edit and process FX or other edits destructively on a file or part of a region instantly. It would be great to use track channel strip settings for this as well. Bouncing and rendering FX is cool, but it has it's limitations. There is something very slick and creatively energizing about being able to click on a file or part of a region and process a chain of FX (or some other batch process) immediately. I've been looking for a worthy Mac audio editor and have really been disappointed. SoundForge for Mac looked promising and then the reviews came out... I have DSPQuattro and it's ok but a bit limited in some ways and Logic has crashed with it several times.
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