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link track selection to meta event 49 (go to screen set)

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I would like to know if it's possible to select a track (in the mixer or arrange window) and simultaneously send out a meta 49 event (go to screen set)


Let me explain:


...I saved screen sets for all my tracks ..(these screen sets show me all the plugin windows that are working on each track)

...To make it easy to go to each screen set, i made an environment window with buttons that output the meta event 49 (go to screen set)

…Now i want to midi control the plugins of the selected track..


I attached a project where i am stuck:

..i push the meta 49 button of screen set 3 … i then select track 3 in the arrange …now i can midi control those plugins of track 3

..i push the meta 49 button of screen set 2 … i then forget to select track 2 in the arrange … now i think i am controlling the plugins of track 2 but the selected track in the arrange window is STILL track 3 so i am controlling the plugins of track 3 ! ! !


I simply would like to:


1. select a track in the mixer/arrange window and simultaneously send out meta event 49 which takes me to the screen set for this track with all it's plugin windows

2. see all the plugins of that track and do midi control for each plugin..


Is this possible? I am sure it is! (i am on Logic 9.1.8 and MAC OS X 10.8.5)

thanks a lot!

screensets project.zip

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