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Flex Pitch question regarding tempo change of region


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I'm sure I"m missing something pretty simple here but can't seem to find any info on this even after thorough web search.


I'm having trouble with flex pitch changing the playback tempo of my audio region. When I enabled flex pitch (my vocal track), after analyzing it will change the tempo of audio playback. The rest of the tracks are played fine but my vocal track is played at almost the twice of its original tempo. When its turned off my audio region is played as it should be. Any ideas please?

Thanks so much in advance



*Btw tracks were exported using Logic 9 and they contain tempo information




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Hi David,


Thanks for your input. I've tried both Export tempo information to Audio files and Remove tempo information to Audio files but still isn't working. I also tried opening new session and this time instead hit no when asked if I want to "Import tempo information" from my audio regions. :(

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Hey guys, been having this problem for a while as well with a client working in LP9 and exporting the audio from there. The quickest workaround I have found is to select any blank audio from the project and use it to create a new audio file inside the session, then re-edit if necessary. The goal is simply to create a new audio file which wil be marked by your version of LPX.
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