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Flex Pitch Eating RAM


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Very self explanatory. As I duplicate vocal tracks to lay down harmonies my ram increases almost exponentially. Less than 10 tracks in the season with maybe 6 using flex pitch led to 10.6 GB of RAM being used. This has happened before and can hold everything up as I have to restart and just hope I have enough time to finish the session without it bugging out. Anyone else have this kind of huge RAM gouging?
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Flex pitch uses a lot of CPU and resources. Once you have a track edited like you want it, bounce in place to free up memory.


Makes perfect sense 'triplets' (my thought as well :roll: )... but, once the bounce has been competed, & mixing goes on, and on; hypothetically, there might comes a time where further flexing is required, on that same bounced track, to get it now like you want it...


:?: question: are there any implications (artifacts, etc.) that might be introduced, or affects, in using the bounce method, as apposed to not bouncing the track, & doing any further desired edits :?

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The more you pile up Flex stuff, the easier you'll get system overloads and or crashes and you'll definitely be pissed off.


And it's obvious that you don't want to flex-bounce too many times on the same file to avoid artifacts.


It all really depends on the project, so use common sense and save often.

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I think you probably know this and were referring to it, but I'll spell it out in case others see this thread: bouncing per se has no artifacts; that's what Logic does anyway when it plays back.


Common sense tells us that if you Flex-Pitch a syllable, if you bounce the track and then re-Flex the same syllable on the new bounced version, artifacts will accumulate. It's up to the engineer/artist to decide how much is too much.


The remaining question is whether the bounced tracks acquire more artifacts in places where you don't apply further Flex-ing. I don't think so, but that probably needs more experimentation to be sure.

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