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Celebrity Training!

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Ok...now this was cool, I can't believe I forgot to share this with everyone. last month I trained a fellow named Mr. Collipark...who is this might you ask? Ever heard of Lil' John? The Yin Yang Twins? Bubba Sparxxx? Mr. Collipark is the person who produced most of their big hits...using raw talent! Trust me, this guy is no BS in the studio! He sat with me for a 5 day masterclass! what a treat! It's a great feeling that perhaps I'll have had some hand in his next big hip-hop production! This guy has worked in some of the biggest studios anyone has ever known of and I was really grateful that he knew...for sure...that Logic was the "sleeping giant." Especially in the "Dirty South" ...So...add him to the list David! this will be great influence for all the up & coming talent! If you want to know his repitoire check him out on wikipedia, the man makes hits for breakfast. Quite a lifestyle...and believe me...his workflow...has been officially "Logicified." The next hit you hear him produce...you'll know =0)
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