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need some version compatability help


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I'm getting ready to put logic pro on my G4 powerbook (1.33ghz). the question i have is... what combination of OSX and Logic versions do i need for best results. I am currently running OS 10.3.9. totally willing to uprade OS. just need to know.



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I have been through so many upgrades on my G4 and I forget exactly why most of them were needed.

Before I could upgrade to LP7 , I had to do all the ver 6 upgrades... :?


For some other reason I had to upgrade to Tiger before I could use something related to Logic (Possibly LP7.x).


Whic Logic pro 7 version is it? 7.0, 7.1, 7.2.3 ? Some are okay on OSX 10.3, others need OSX 10.4


Load your Logic and see if it works, If you need Tiger, you might as well get it.


I don't think Leopard will be much use to our G4's. Everything is headed towards intel multicore. (Basically, time for a new Comp!)

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