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How do you save Aux channels with Custom Patch?


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When I load a factory Logic Patch, any associated Aux channels are loaded along with the patch. If I save my own patch with it's own routing and aux channels, and later call up the patch in a different project, the Aux channels don't get created. The sends are there, and they point to busses, but the busses are not connected to any Aux Channels.. I've looked through the manual but can't find an answer. What am I doing wrong?
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I'm bumping this as I could use some help. I've read from another thread that there are inconsistencies with how the way Logic handles Auxes in Patches. It seems that if you create a Custom Patch from one of the Factory Patches, and delete it's sends before saving, it will keep copying in the Auxes from the original Factory Patch each time you use the patch. What I'm doing is the reverse: I'm creating a Custom Patch from scratch, adding sends and Auxes manually (Auxes that are NOT in the summing stack). In this case Logic doesn't seem to copy those Auxes when inserting that patch into a new project. It does create the send, but not the Aux.


If someone could verify this I'd really appreciate it. I'm coming to really like Logic and am going to port over a whole bunch of projects from Sonar. I need the fastest workflow possible as this will take a lot of time. Thank you.

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Doesn't work for me either. Factory patches load associated aux channels with their effects etc - and removes them when you remove the patch, but if you create your own - the sends are created but not the associated aux channels.


Is this a bug or normal behaviour?

Thanks J

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I found the answer thanks to the original poster:


(Auxes that are NOT in the summing stack).


I right-clicked the aux channel I wanted to save into my custom user patch, selected "Create track", in the arrange window dragged it into the track stack and then saved the user patch in the library. Now when I choose the patch in a new project the aux settings aren't lost.


I've also tried adding two aux tracks to the summing stack and then deleting the tracks. In the mixer window, if I expand the stack both aux channels are still there, but if I save the patch and load it in a new project then it only loads the first aux channel, losing the second one. I'll rely on the first method, keeping the tracks in the arrange window.

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Three years on, bump again. Is this *properly* solved yet?


Lots of patches I'm looking to do this for are summing stacks already, with their own inserts, so I can't add the sends to a summing stack again.


I also often would be sum-stacking multiple channels I've recalled via this method, so I don't want them to be each coming in as stacks already.

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