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auto flex/ align to project tempo get rid of Loops browser


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Here is a FR I've made at logic feedback page.


Please consider to add a button/ option to auto flex/ align audio or apple instrument loops to project tempo in the file browser directly.


Look in Studio One you can listen to loops, audio or instrument clips directly in the browser aligned to the project tempo.

From the Track timeline/ Project timeline you can drag clips to the file browser to create loops and drag clips/ regions from the file browser back into the project.


I think it's time to put the apple loops browser capabilities to the next user friendly level by


1. adding the functionality to the file browser. The benefit would be to drag one or multiple instrument or audio clips to a folder destination of your choice where a dialogue pops up like with bounce in place where you chose how you want to proceed - ie just midi or audio with or without fx.


2. Let the user drag track stack regions to the file browser folder of choice to create meta tagged loops or one shots


3. Add bookmarks to the file browser to recall folders quickly


4. Let the user create and delete content and folders right within the file browser like it was possible with the database browser in Logic Pro 7


5. Let the user pop out the file browser and put it on a second monitor in a multi monitor setup.

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