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Space Bar Rewinds, Won't Play


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I opened a session I've been working on today and for some reason, whenever I press the spacebar (to play session), it moves the playhead back 38 milliseconds. If I press and hold it, it just scrubs backwards. I've checked every setting I know, closed and re-opened the session, deleted my Preference files, and rebooted my computer. Thoughts, anyone?



Before hitting the spacebar



After hitting the spacebar

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It was comforting to hear that you've experienced this before as well, Eric. However, I've tried all of your recommendations (rebooting, saving as a new session, opening a new main window and closing the old one, rebooting, rebooting, rebooting) to no avail. The only thing I can think of at this point is to start a new session and import all the tracks from the broken one. Unless there's anything else that comes to mind?
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