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Change 'Create New Track" graphic in Logic X? [SOLVED]


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Hello hello -


Does anyone know of a way to change the window that appears when creating a new track (using the + in the info column)?


I recently had to trash my preferences and noticed that an earlier version of this window had been replaced with a newer, more confusing version. Each of them have been in 10.0.6 so I figured there may be a way to change it back? I normally use key commands to create new tracks however I much prefer the older graphic in X.


I've attached both - the clean version (which I want back) and the version with graphics (which I do not like).




Old version pic from my laptop


New version from my desktop

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Normally, that preference determines wether you get the clean or the graphic version of the New Track dialog.

When selected you should get the clean version. Try deselecting it and reselecting it again, opening the New Track dialog each time?


If all else fails try Logic Pro X > Preferences > Initialize All...

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