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Midi controllers. What are there. How to opperate 'em.


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My X Board don't seem to do what I thought it would. I wanted a simple all in one instrument controller that would inately con nect and this doesn;t do it with Logic.

Sought a keyboard with knobs hoping to have those knobs interact with the virtual instruments like they were really connected. My X Board ain't cutting it. Looks like some of these instruments want to work the other way....you adjust your keyboard settings to ME. Still, the offering are slim and leave me doing m,ore work than shouyld be necesarry.

Gee...I thought these interfacings would be designed to be inately natural...easy...spelled out....standard created way before us users enter the equation.


Look...my EMU keyboard has buttons to program it...and then there are 16 knobs. Those knobs should be inately designed to connect on use to the instruments...that IS why they are called CONTROLLERS in the manual, no?

So how's it work?

What's the so simple secret to make this natural connection connect?????????


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Thanks a million. I was stumped for a while. I did need to assign a key command in order to get Logic learning. I now have the parameters on the EXS 24 behaving and responding to the knobs on my keyboard!
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