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i got the MPC grooves to work!!!

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yeah- i know this is probably a pretty simple thing for many of you, but i was so happy that i actually figured it out last night... sheesh.


i was having a terrible time figuring it out, so i tried a few other "help" sites-- they were not any help at all. in the end, this site was the one with the most helpful info, by far. i've never tried other sites before, and i doubt i will again.


it took me about 3.5 hours to get it working, including downloading a few different sets of grooves, probably opening them in Logic like 9 times, i think 4 websites (none helpful except for this one) and a re-reading of a bit of the manual...


anyway, it works now and i'm a happy man. i've been wanting that MPC groove for a looong time, baby, and now it's just hanging out on my autoload.


thanks Logic Pro Help! :D

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