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varispeed is causing cpu overload


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hey so i was given a project to mix and i opened it up the producer put varispeed on it at the end as he liked how it sounded faster. this is the tempo he gave. i'm running a late 2008 model mac pro w 14gb ram, the 8core intel, on an apogee symphony 64 pci card with logic pro 9


he was using a weaker machine and said he had no problems with varispeed during creation of the whole track. i havent even touched anything in the session and i have a constant issue. as soon as i put varispeed on the cpu goes nuts and cant play longer than 20 seconds without freezing and giving me an error message.


my machine has no problems with regular mixes with tons of plus ins and close to 100 tracks. there is nothign crazy about this project, the buffer size is set to 1024 anyway and as you can see during normal playback the cpu is hardly even working. it goes from like 1% usage to 100% with varispeed.


i tried restaring and also tried trashing the preferecens plist and it did not help



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hmm good point i'll try that first thing tomorrow.


still doesn't explain why he wasn't having issues with it though. he was on a 2010 mbp and he had soft synths loaded too. he bounced those down to wavs so now they are not even in the session.

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