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Can't record a physical audio input and bus [SOLVED]


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This has been driving me nuts, any help would be most appreciated. Here's the setup:


Track A routes to Bus 1, track B has Bus 1 as an input, and track C has an arbitrary in on my interface as it's input. I arm B and C, both show levels being input. While recording, both B and C are drawing the recorded waveforms, but as soon as I hit stop, I'm left with a completely empty region on track B, and a normal one on track C. If I disarm C and record, B records perfectly. Track A can be whatever, audio, software instrument. I've recreated this on both my MOTU 828mk3 and my Macbook's built in soundcard. Anybody else experience similar issues?


Here's a set of images to help illustrate the problem: http://imgur.com/a/GPuNt

1st image is the setup, 2nd is a successful recording of the bus audio by itself, 3rd is recording of B and C simultaneously, and 4th is the end failed result.


Would be tremendously helpful to just know if people can reproduce this problem, I got 0 response over at discussions.apple.com. Thanks!

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