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Live transposition of MIDI keyboard input


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My Roland E36 has a simple transpose button. When I drop 12 semitones, Logic and other software like Mainstage, GarageBand, etc recognise the change.


My Yamaha SY85 has the same functionality, buried somewhere in a digital LCD screen. The internal sound can be transposed but not the MIDI data, ie transposition of Software Instruments. Does Logic have a feature that allows live transposition? All the info I've found online is about transposing tracks, either audio or MIDI.


The Yamaha only has 61 keys, so I need to drop the whole thing down an octave. Any help appreciated. Ideally I want to create an instrument and then transpose it and save it.

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Click in the background of the Tracks area, locate the MIDI Thru region parameters in the Inspector, and adjust the Transpose function +/- the octave that you need.




Thanks - that's exactly what I wanted. I can now transpose stacks. I see that the sound transposes when it's included in the stack but not if you select it alone. Perfect!

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Hi there,


I am having the same issue. I want to be able to play in C (white keys) but transpose LIVE to the key of A flat (Down 4 half-steps).


I tried to follow the steps that were described in this thread, but I was unable to find the feature that adjusts the pitch. I'm not familiar with what a "stack" is. Would it be possible for someone to detail the steps more thoroughly?


Thank you!


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