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Change Time Ruler from 1:00:00 to 0:00:00? [SOLVED]

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How can I change the beginning of the time ruler from 1:00:00 to 0:00:00?


Old and new sessions start at 1:00:00 which is visually confusing. 30 seconds looks like 1:00:30 and should read 0:00:30.


I've looked to find an answer but haven't found it yet, so any help is appreciated.


here's an example of what it looks like








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This setting is no longer there in version 10.6.1. I added an intro to the very beginning of my project and had to move things around. Now, instead of moving all my hundreds of regions to start at the very beginning again it would be nice to simply be able to reset the timeline to zero at the new location where my first region starts.


Possible? If so please tell me how.

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Is your project music? More to the point, do you need it to be synced to SMPTE timecode? If not I’d just move all the relevant regions to the end of the intro material, then select and delete the then-blank measures up front. Otherwise, you can change the project sync settings to move the 0-hour/1-hour/whatever-you’re-using mark, but you’ll still have a ton of dead air at the beginning of the project.
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Wow. I didn't know it was possible to delete the empty space at the front. Cool.

I did so by selecting the empty space with the locators thingy (not sure what it's called) and then by right-clicking on it the section covered by the locators and then using the "Cut Selection via Locators" command.


Learn something new every day.


- Thanks!

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