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10.0.7 & osx 10.9.3


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So Logic-wise you suggest to move to this combination? (Just posted a similar question in the 10.0.7 thread ... :oops: )


10.9.3 has been out for a DAY, so...not sure yet. also, my Users folder (and the Shared folder in that) disappeared! they're there, just not visible. restored them in terminal, but...apparently they can disappear again after rebooting.


again, invisible (not actually gone!). but something others are reporting as well.


still...all day yesterday, a good day with LX. we'll see how things go (and i will wait for someone to find a fix for the Users folder thing).

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there's a fix for the missing Users & Shared folder issue, if you encounter it in 10.9.3; works here..!



Start your computer with Alt + CMD + P + R in order to do a PRAM reset

Then start your computer with CMD + R for recovery partition boot

Launch Disk Utility and repair permissions. Quit Disk Utility and open Terminal (Utilities -> Terminal) and type :


cd /Volumes/YourMainVolumeNameHere

chmod 755 Users

chmod 755 Users/Shared

chflags nohidden Users

chflags nohidden Users/Shared


(anytime there is a space, you add in the "\" before the space. "Macintosh\ HD” for example, is correct)

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