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Migration Assistant <> TimeMachine question (observation)

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My new Mini has arrived, so I hooked it up to the TM disc from my old computer and started MA. Two hours later everything was done. So far, so good I thought...


Yesterday I opened a bunch of projects to see if everything was okay and one of the projects complained about a missiing file (Space Designer room template). Huh? :shock: Hasn't MA copied everything there is? Did TM derp and not backup everything????


After copying the entire directory with templates from my SuperDuper clone, I checked the TM backup and sure enough I did find the "missing files" neatly written away.


So... Anyone noticed like behavior from Migration Assistant/Time Machine? If so, which folders were omitted?


Me.... I'll be playing other projects to see what else I am missing and slomething tells me I will rely on Time Machine for the foreseeable future before I am overwriting my SuperDuper clone with the new machine.

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