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virus KC can not trigger logic


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I just got a new virus KC keyboard and dont know why I can not control logic anymore. Its getting me mad.


before this I had a novation supernova II 61 note keyboard. It had its local control set to OFF, connected to a emagic mt4 midi interface.


Midi out of access virus KC is going into midi in 1 on mt4, and the midi in is going into midi out of mt4 1


I also have a motif rack, going into the other midi in and out of the mt4.


with the nova I was able to trigger sounds from the SNII and make the soft synths work. the nova had its globa midi channel to 16 so in logic arrange I had 8 audio tracks, 8 audio instruments, 16 MIDI motif tracks, and 9 SN tracks 1-8, and 16. 16 is where I went to if I needed to control the SNII, and put it in multi timber mode, the SNII was 8 part multi timber.


ok, now, I have taken out the SNII, and put in the virus KC. so I set the KC to local OFF, but I cant get it to trigger logic. UNLESS I do I RESET MIDI DRIVER in logic, then it works, but if I shut down logic and the keyboard, it doesnt work anymore.


I am thinking this is a logic issue?

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