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why Can't i record more than 9 sec.unless i'm punching?


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Hey logicians,

Anybody ever have this problem:

when i am recording live audio the progress bar comes up and gives me 9 sec. of recording.

Things i have tried:

buffer size 128-1024

less max. Number of Audio tracks

Heres the wierd thing.

I get 15 min recording time when i Punch on the Fly.

Any body have this issue before???

Thanks in advance,

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Hmm I am not sure but I would check your disk space and the location of where the files are being written. Punch on the fly is going to use buffers (temp files I think) which are probably getting written to a different location temporarily (presumably one with more space).

Also check your max record time setting (doubtful)

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I'm not getting any Progress Bar at all the last 2 months-it was there when I did my first project, but since switching from Keyboard [M-Audio 49e] to breath Controller Akai EWI 4000s- no recording at all except the MIDI which is still quite nice to work with but I wonder if anyone has seen the EWI4000s problem of no line out being recorded through an Edirol UA -25 USB2? I have bought 3 cables already for the EWI's mono Line Out-Apple here in Amsterdam says 3rd party- no ideas. I am grateful for any ideas ya'll might have,thanks in advance.
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