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Logic in Pro Tools Hd TDM Problems


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First off, a big Aloha from a tiny island in way out in the Pacific called Kauai.

I'm new to the Forum, new to Logic, and really glad to be a part of this. I've been eeking out a living doing tech support for the small community of professional composers here on kauai for a couple of years now. The bulk of my experience doing technical maintenance for studios took place in the years prior to 1999.

That year i was told that I had cancer caused by childhood exposure to asbestos and had less than two years you live. My response to that news was to throw a tantrum, my book and tools in the trashand so on. I was not expecting to be around for long so I didn't think I needed to concentrate on keeping up with technology and working. I turned down two job offers, one of them was to do tech at record plant. anyway, long story short i got the best treatment i could find and much to my surprise, i'm still here. a couple of years ago i decided to get back to work and I have been learning as fast as i can. so here's the question...

one of my client's rig is Logic running in Pro Tools HD TDM. Mac Firewire 800 tower, Dual G4's at 1.42 GHz. OS is 10.4.8 Pro Tools 7.1cs10 , Accel 1 at 96KHz,

2 Gigs of Ram, the music drive is a G-Raid 1 TB. Logic is 7.2.1.. He runs DAE and DTDM so that he can record audio and use the software synths. he LOVES

BFD, which has been a bit if a headache for me, i can't imagine the heartache he feels when his killer drums are snapping and crackling like a bowl of rice crispies.. they are killer drums, I bought the whole package for my own rig.

The problem for today is this.. When he runs logic, either in record or playback

he is given the "TDM overload" message. How do i solve this? I would appreciate any help from you guys.

I just took a look at the rather long message that this has turned into. I promise that this will be the longest post i will make to the forum. A rather long introduction, but i've found that if i tell my story a little, i can usually help someone who is in similar condition and doesn't know where to turn and

I was so grateful when i was sick for any inside info. please feel free contact me.

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