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She Told Me

Andy M.

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Great song, great recording, really nice to hear this kind of thing. Did you play all the instruments? Nice effect at the end, tricky!


As a bass player, the 5 string bass (or basically, going below E) kind of was jarring - that's a very post-1985 sound on a song that has a more timeless feel.


Just my 2c, but overall, killer song!



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Thanks for your comments guys. Glad you like the song. :D


I played a Fender electro acoustic which was miced with an SM81 and DI from the Fishman pickup.


Also a Strat for the verse arpeggios.


A cheap Fanndec guitar from China for the solo (this guitar is cheap but it is not nasty at all - very nice axe).


Both electric guitars were recorded direct using a Session JD10 analogue guitar thing.


Piano from my Kurzweil K2500 - my favourite keyboard.


The organ sound from Cheeze Machine plugin.


The Bass was played by a colleague of mine and I agree with you about the choice of instrument toysun but the guy insisted on using it and it was all he had with him so I went with it.


As for the effect at the end; I wasn't sure how to end it and I HATE fades so I sampled the last chord from the acoustic, reversed it and loaded it into EXS24. Then set the pitchbend for 5 semi-tones and starting with the pitch fully up, triggered the sample and lowered the pitch until it 'met' the final chord (if you know what I mean).


The recording started off in Logic Pro where I work, during a quiet period - the acoustic, bass and vocal track were done there. Then I finished it all off on my PC using Platinum 5.5 :shock:


Yes, yes, I know... But Platinum still rocks on the PC.


Will post some more soon.



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Great song! Great hook. Are you by any chance living in the New York City area?


Thanks man. Visited New York a couple of times and loved it, but now I live in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. From London originally and I don't miss the weather, just the beer and my mates.



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