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Changing buffer setting takes so long!

Eric Wikman

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Why is it that Changing buffer setting takes so long in Logic Pro?

Yes, the song is fairly heavy... why else would I be needed to change the buffers around.

But it seems to dump all instruments and samples, and then re-load.. etc.

We sit a wait for over two minutes while it goes thru this.

I guess it's all in the programming that was used, and I know people don't like comparisons, but in SX3, it seems to to only take a few seconds, and you're right back to work.


Issue #2

Also it seems that Logic's buffers work on a sliding scale. Using SX3, I know that certain buffer settings will give me exact milli-seconds of latency everytime.... (it shows them in a info box right next to your buffers menus as you select them.)

It just depends on how heavy your song load is... if you can use that setting or not.

In Logic though, sometimes I can move the buffer up to 256 when needed, and record with no latency, and sometimes it's way too much latency. It's hard to figure why & when. Does this seem right?

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