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Random acts of "Muteness"

Jonly Bonly

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A strange thing happened today whilst tracking some vocals.


When I went to playback the take I didn't hear anything. I noticed the track was muted in the mixer window.


Figuring that I accidentally muted it, I UN-muted and hit the spacebar to play back. The track immediately MUTED itself AGAIN! I repeated the un-mute and tried playing it back again. This time it muted half-way through the track.


I did a quick restart and tried playing the track back from the top and I couldn't hear anything! Everyting was jumpin in the mixer window, so I knew it was playing back, it just wasn't coming out.


After poking around in the environment, I noticed the MAIN OUT was MUTED.


Has anyone else experienced these random acts of "muteness"?





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