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Constant Sudden audio stops


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its geatting anoying that every 5 edits or moves the audio stops and i have to go to the coreaudio menu in logic prefs and disable and re-enable the driver.

its seems its sometihg to do w the core audio and my motu ultrlite which i didnt get before. it stops in logic as well as of audio programs wheni have them running which i dont (only for troubl shooting. )

i have logicpro 7.2 mac g5 and 10.4.8


so it happens if i cut a midi region and also audio region. or i f i move a midi note.


any ideas?


what other info should i share tto toruble shott?



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since U have problem not only in Logic but also in other audio programs...

I guess it should be caused by your audio interface.


why don't U try these,


1) Factory reset on your audio interface


if It doesn't work,


2) Voltage switch reset


turn off the audio interface and change the voltage setting (115=>220=>115)


if it doesn't wok,


3) Download/Upgrade the latest audio interface software


if it doesn't work,


4) Call motu and get a service



I hope this can help U to solve the problem.

Good Luck~!

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