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why can't i get Sample Accurate Audio Editing??


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Hello Logicians,

I am comping a bunch of Audio and i can't seem to get my edits to cut right at my scissors click. It jumps over to the right and doesn't even always fall on a Zero Crossing like i have ticked.

I am trying to edit in the arrange and in the Sample editor.

i don't remember having this problem b4.

do i have some setting wrong?

Thanks in advance,

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Hi,To get closest to the start point in arrange window,change the tempo of the song and your audio sample will move to right or left[the way you want]sometimes you need to change to 10 times of the song tempo and you should get to the start point of the sample absolutly to 0 point.I find this more helpfull as sample editor changes the main sample in the Disk altogether as in arrange window it copies the sample in audio window and your main sample still remains as it is!!

See this,if it helps you.

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indeed it is ticked but it cuts it anywhere it pleases.

Not on the zero crossing.

in my experience "Search Zero Crossing" is a scam.

it may search but it doesn't cut there.


maybe i'm doing something wrong.

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I know I'm a bit late to this thread but I thought i would put in my 2 cents then ask a question......


From what I gathered in the Logic manual, when you have "search zero crossings" checked it doesn't cut at the zero crossing. When you have "search zero crossing" enabled, it only applies to alterations of the start or

end point of a region, not divide operations.


It also goes into if you want to chop up a drum loop to make multiple regions at zero crossing to use strip silence. Personally, the strip silence feature really isn't that great either because it's not accurate..... which leads me to my question.


HOW DO YOU MAKE THE STRIP SILENCE WINDOW BIGGER!! Maybe if I could zoom in on the waveform in the strip silence window, like in the sample editor, I could actually see where it's cutting.




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