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Make a save-to folder the default (just for now).


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I am trimming up hundreds of samples with the Sample Editor. I'm just shortening the lead in time and then saving them in a new folder marked "Edited Samples". My question is this; Every time a save each file, I have to navigate to this "Edited Samples" folder from the original folder that the unedited samples are in. Is there anyway that I can just hit save as, type in the new name, and have them saved in the right folder without having to navigate to it? Hundreds of times?? Please help me save some time so that I can get to the BBQ this afternoon...


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if i understood your question correctly,,,

U might better try this,


when U create a new project,

File>New => Check "Create project folder" and "Copy external audio files to project folder"


If U use lots of software instruments and move around different systems,

Check the rest of 4 options.


after creating new project in this way,

audio files will be copied/saved in Ur project folder.

U can change the name of imported audio files

(which are copied/saved in project audio folder)

in arrange window or audio window,


I hope this can help U~

Good Luck~!

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Ah yes, I see how that will help in the future. That way I'll keep everything I'm working on in one folder. That's helpful, I'm hoping there's a way to do this now after-the-fact. Thanks for the suggest!
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