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? for long-time logic users


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For anyone who's been using logic over the years and who's used older versions of it I'm hoping you can give me some advice. I do almost all in-the-box production with midi (no live instruments) and I've realized that for my workflow its essential to build up a collection of channel strip/instrument presets that I can find quickly and easily during a session. I've spent a lot of time recently going through all of logic's instruments and tweaking them and saving these presets but here's my question...


what i'm afraid of is that when the next version of logic comes out, instruments or effects may have changed or been removed and my presets which i've spent so much time building will be worthless. basically i'm wondering if some of the more long-term logic users here could give me some insight on how backwards compatible new versions of logic have traditionally been, and if I'm wasting my time doing this now with 7.2. thanks!

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