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Switch between different pairs of monitors from Logic

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Thanks David.


My big question is: how can you make it with one button?


I mean just one button that sequentially switches between all outputs: out 1 > out 2 > out 3 > out 1 again, and so on (looped).


That would be a great workflow. One button, that I can assign to a hardware one (keyboard or controller).


And actually, I need to go further: be able to switch between the left and the right channel of my output 1. (I don't have much outputs, but I do have 2 different mono-monitors, which I use on one output, just switching left and right channels in Logic, having the output mono-ed.)


So I really need hints on how to make some script to switch sequentially:

1: output 1-2 (mono-ed), only left channel --> 2: output 1-2 (mono-ed), only right channel --> 3: output 3-4 --> 4: output 5-6 --> (looped).


And all that with one button, that I can assign to a key combination or a controller.

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Hi David, 


This is a great bit of work! I know it's an old thread but it seems to be the only solution to a common problem. I have a couple of questions if you have time to give them some thought..?


1. How do I make additional outputs like the ones you made, in case I have more than three sets of monitors?

2. Can I add these to an existing project, or should I set your project as my template and import tracks into it?

3. Is it possible to use a keystroke or controller assignment to activate the buttons? It would be great to hit one thing and instantly switch speakers!


Thanks in advance, 


Neil :-)

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Hi, David,

Great idea, great gizmo, thank you. I second @NoisyNeil's questions. Of course opening it as a project template works, but like several others, who have asked, I don't yet know how to connect this layer to an existing project's outputs after importing it into the environment. The layer works in itself but has no effect of the existing output channels. How to "wire" this in? A few words would help a lot.


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