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Mic/record acoustic guitar in song with wide dynamic range??


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Hey Everyone,


I'm currently working on recording an original song for acoustic guitar and voice. I'm running into trouble though because the guitar part for the verse and refrain are both quiet and understated, but I have this bridge section I do that is very loud. I'm mic-ing my guitar with an AKG 200 Perception Large Diaphragm condenser mic (round-about the 12th fret), and also via my built-in-mic in my guitar, both of which I run directly into my Presonus Firepod. I then record on two tracks at the same time, one for the AKG, and one for the built in mic. But, I'm having to set the sensitivity so low so as not to clip/distort during the loud bridge that I'm just getting a poor sound on the quiet verses and refrains. What's the best way to deal with this? Have a pair of tracks for the quiet parts, and a separate pair for the loud parts? But then I end up with an inconsistent guitar sound.... I'm really fairly new to both the recording process as well as Logic Pro 7. ANY AND ALL suggestions and/or resources are welcome! Thansk very much.



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For both the Vocals and Guitar, I would start off with a noise gate

Then add an Expander to bring up your quiet parts.

Next in line would be a Limiter for the Loud parts.

Finally, a compressor.


All of these can be adjusted before or after you record, so they are not permenant until you print it.


With one group of settings, your guitar can still have the dynamics, and with the vocal settings you can scream or whisper and still have the singing stay at a constant level.

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i tend to feel that you could solve your problems with better mic placment

and playing the parts better ..... to even out the dynamics so they would sound ok to a listener (mic)


if you are right handed try placing the mic at a slight angle on the main body of the gtr to the right of your right hand. if you see what i mean.right?



less is more !!


good luck

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