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use of two sets of drums on a song

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Use of two drum kits..


Sometimes, I'm working on a song,, and toy with 2 drum tracks.. some times I'l only use a 2nd snare part with 'ghosts' and fade in out.


got to be careful of flanging.. Sometimes I boil it into one part.. But often the mix of two different sounding kits helps..


Sometimes with a maracca or shaker, I will alternate with hihats.. two different parts with space for a ping pong effect, works or doesn't..


I haven't yet tried cutting to a different drum kit with different part.. (although that might work) obviously one snare of kick softer, different sound, or muffled..


but sometimes you paint yourself into a corner, and get gracefully out of what you created// I've purposely make a long song (9 minutes) which perhaps needs one more part for interest, but in general I think the drum part is too consistant to keep your interest.

I tried to create a drum solo with Logic's X drummer ( I heard an amazing one a few weeks ago).. really sounded like a drummer jamming and taking a solo, lots of roles' playing with pushing and pulling the beat a bit.. but haven't been able to get any where near that yet. One trick is for drums to stop and start, but that doesn't feel like it would work here, unless, I rewrite some instruments to bolster the stop start trick..


How do others here. handle that? any insights....Thanx. Mark Styles

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