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Scale Quantizing in Piano Roll [FIXED]


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As a test to understand Scale Quantize I recorded a simple scale in C Major using a software instrument.


I then open the Piano Roll, select all notes, and select C } Major under Scale Quantize. All the notes move down a step.


My goal was to reproduce creating a harmony part as described in

, which seems awfully simple, but moving the harmony part up and then selecting Scale Quantize: C-Major didn't work for me. So I figured I'd start very simple just to see if a C major scale would be unaffected by quantizing to C major. What am I missing?
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I don't get it ..


Why this behaviour ?

If i draw in the C Major scale, starting ofcourse from C, the C major scale correction, transposing it down, although chromatically, makes no sense to me.

Furthermore, the Key is then changed to B Major i would say.

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I thought the problem is my lack of music theory training. Thank you to all who have replied. I'll continue to watch this thread to see if an answer surfaces.


The genesis of this was after watching a few Logic Pro X tutorials about creating vocal harmonies using Flex Pitch I wondered why the instructors manually corrected some notes to match the current scale, when Scale Quantize would seem applicable. Since I couldn't find a doc or tutorial specifically referring to using Scale Quantize in this application I was simply experimenting to see how it works.


Anyway, thanks again!

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