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malware in OSX

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My father's mac was infected with malware and I did some research and settled on this solution. I can vouch that this worked very well for his problem:




I recommend running this program... The author of adwaremedic has a blog/website that you can access here:



on this site he discusses his history of helping Mac users combat malware.

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My French is limited but, this is his browser (Safari), throwing up a warning, that connecting to that site is a possible security risk, where clicking on (“Afficher le certificat”) will allow seeing the credentials of the site, (often, not very useful information) and (“Annuler”) is “Cancel”, (which MAY be the safest selection) and “Continuer” which means “Continue”, probably not a good idea either, without really knowing where that may take you.


Best to Not ever select ANY of those options, and just move on.


By Selecting ANY option, you send out your email ID, possibly your location, and through the use of what are called “cookies”, a lot of other information of yours, like where you surf to, and, in general, things you should consider to be private information.


It’s probably, at best, an Adware Phish (fishing for suckers) and not to be fooled with.

Unless it pops up frequently, IMHO, I don’t think he needs a maleware cleaner, especially if he’s on a Mac.

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hello, i'm french musican, so i don't write good english, sorry.


i don't know where i can explain here my problem on my Imac.

Since several days i have a message appears when i open my box mail etc....


How to delete it ?


Thanks for help.


* Here screenshot


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