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making a mono synth polyphonic with Logic Pro [SOLVED]


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I really wonder if that is possible. I have a nice virtual monophonic synth and would like it to play polyphonic with the help of LPX.


The idea is to put several instances of the monophonic synth inside a track stack and have each instance play one note at a time. So there should be some midi environment or midi script that distributes the incoming midi notes onto each of the instances so chords can be played as each instance can play a different note simultaneously.


I tried in the environment with VOICE LIMITER limiting to one voice and set to TOP, LAST and BOTTOM, for each of the different instances (so I could play 3 notes simultaneously) but no luck yet...It always plays the same note for all instances.


I would really appreciate if somebody can help achieving that. Thanks!

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Well theres three things I can recommend for you to do. One is available completely inside Logic Pro X. I will describe this method first. (I resample hardware synths all the time, but the method translates)


Method A: RESAMPLING C and F# of every octave. This means, record every octaves C and F#.


1. Choose your monophonic vst and decide what octave range you will be wanting to work with as resampling can be tedious work.


2. Record C and F# of every octave within your octave range that you will be wanting to play poly.


3. On a new track open a EXS Sampler


4. Drag those samples into exs and create a new group.


5. Assign each sample perspective root note to the note before the next sample. For example if your using C1 you will have it play to F1 and your next sample will be F#1-B1


Play around with fading the samples and adsr depending on your original sample resampling can be easy or tedious. I tend to resample fully sustained notes originally as its much easier to apply adsr to them later in the sampler.


METHOD B and NEW: Buy MainStage, I am not a MainStage veteran as I just bought it with the release of its new feature, Autosampler. This saves me SOOOO MUCH TIME with my hardware synths it is unbelievable. I am again no veteran, but I'm pretty sure you can open up any vst in MainStage, its 30 dollars, don't forget autosampler is an effect in MainStage so you open up your instrument track with your vst and then find auto sampler i think in utilities. Cant wait for this effect to hit logic pro in the future.BTW this method creates a full range of playable notes for EXS sampler, just bring everything into logic after you've made your goodies.


Method C and VERY Common: Kontakt Sampler Time and Pitch Algorithms


1. Drag audio sample into kontakt, one single sample like c3, and turn on time machine or time machine 2 or another that is slipping the mind. If your not familiar with how to do this I am away from my lab atm and can't remember how to describe this step out, but theres youtube videos on it for sure.

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Have you considered using the Cable Switcher object in the Environment?

Setting it up that every incoming note on event would make it switch to a different connected cable routed to a different monophonic instantiated channelstrip.

That approach is a little tricky as you would need to double the incoming note on to transform it into a different event to control the switcher while feeding it with the original notes to be routed to the different monophonic plugin channelstrip.

Consider also that you would have to split/filter/re-pre-route all the note-off events to pass through freely to all your instantiated monophonoc plugins in order to avoid sticky notes.

The number of instantiated monophonic plugins would normally determine the total polyphony.

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There are so many obstacles to overcome, here, that I don't think a MIDI only solution is feasible:


- Store the status of a synth to know if it's currently playing a note or not.

- Determine which synth to route the Note on event to.

- Keep track of each note on to route corresponding note off event to the same synth.


Not saying it's impossible, but it may be so involved and so convoluted that you could spend an insane amount of time creating and maintaining it, only to find out that it doesn't perform as well as you'd expected.

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