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How to reach the sounds on my external stagepiano


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I’ve got a Roland RD-700sx stage piano including two expansion boards: the SRX-04 with all sounds of strings and the SRX-10 with sounds of brass instruments. I want to control my RD- 700sx with Logic Pro X, though I don’t understand how to select the bank of the sound I want to use. The sounds I want to use ain’t general MIDI sounds. The banks can be reached to enter a specific value to MSB and LSB. For example: if I want to use the Superior Grand Piano I have to enter: MSB=87, LSB=64 and PC=1. If I want to use the staccato cello on my SRX-04 I have to enter: MSB=93, LSB=3 and PC=79


I spent a lot of time finding out how to control my RD-700sx and its expansion boards. I’ve watched several YouTube movie tutorials or articles on other websites. I’ve asked this question on other fora, resulting people don’t know how to help me, don’t understand my questions. (I’ve read several times the answer it’s because the driver of my RD-700sx ain’t correctly installed, though it works fine.)


I hope you can help me explain how to reach the desired sounds or how to create an instrument environment in Logic. I would be very grateful!

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